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Clear Aligners

A misaligned bite can negatively impact your oral health, not to mention make you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Unlike traditional braces, our SureSmile® clear aligners offer a discreet orthodontic solution to comfortably straighten your teeth.

Dr. Roger Lerner can customize your treatment at his East Brunswick, NJ, practice to improve your oral health and reveal a beautiful smile.

Clear Aligners East Brunswick

The Clear Aligner Difference

The Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth With SureSmile

There are many reasons why so many dental patients choose clear aligners to straighten their smiles:

and Precise Fit

Unlike braces, clear aligners are made of smooth plastic and have no rough edges that can rub on your cheeks and tongue. They are also custom designed to comfortably fit your smile while effectively shifting your teeth into proper alignment.

While Wearing

Brackets and wires make braces noticeable, but SureSmile aligners are virtually invisible when worn. The clear plastic aligners fit snuggly around your teeth, letting you undergo treatment without your peers' or colleagues' knowledge.

Orthodontic Solution

Clear aligners are just as effective as braces at correcting mild to moderate misalignment. By straightening your smile, SureSmile aligners can improve your oral health and enhance your facial aesthetic in just six months.

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You Don't Need to See an Orthodontist

for SureSmile Treatment

While traditional braces require regular visits to an orthodontist, Dr. Lerner can create your customized aligner treatment plan right at his East Brunswick practice. Through SureSmile, our experienced dentist can provide the same transformative results as an orthodontist.

SureSmile vs. Invisalign

What Is the Difference?

All clear aligner brands work to reposition your teeth without needing an orthodontist or braces. However, not all aligners are the same.

East Brunswick Clear Aligners


SureSmile uses advanced orthodontic technology to create quick results. The average length of treatment for SureSmile aligners is six months, making it a more cost-effective option than Invisalign® clear aligners. SureSmile is also made with Essix ACE® Plastic, a durable dental material that many patients report being more comfortable than Invisalign. Through SureSmile aligners, you can achieve your dream smile discreetly and quickly.


Invisalign is a brand of aligners that uses clear plastic trays to gradually shift your teeth into alignment. The Invisalign trays are made of medical-grade polyurethane resin, which some patients have reported being less transparent than SureSmile. Invisalign typically takes 12 to 18 months to achieve the desired results, meaning it requires more sets of aligners. This can increase your cost compared to the six-month timeline of SureSmile.

Clear Aligners in East Brunswick
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Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of SureSmile?

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Don't wait to see an orthodontist. A misaligned smile can affect both your confidence and oral health. SureSmile aligners allow you to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

Dr. Lerner can create a SureSmile treatment plan customized to help you reach your oral health and aesthetic goals. Having practiced dentistry since 1998, Dr. Lerner is experienced in helping numerous teen and adult patients correct their gapped, crowded, and misaligned smiles. He takes the time to get to know his patients and their unique needs so he can develop a treatment plan that will achieve their dream results.

Contact our East Brunswick, NJ, practice to request your SureSmile consultation and learn how Dr. Lerner can transform your smile and confidence.

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East Brunswick Clear Aligners

“The best-kept secret in East Brunswick!”

Summerhill Dental Excellence | Veneers, Clear Aligners and Dentures

Tiffany Shamy

Summerhill Dental Excellence is the best kept secret in East Brunswick! I have been a patient here for many years... Now let's talk about the dentist, Dr. Lerner... He is extremely knowledgeable and as much as I fear the dentist, when I sit in his chair my mind is at ease knowing I am in the absolute BEST hands possible... I highly recommend Summerhill Dental Excellence!

Summerhill Dental Excellence | Veneers, Dental Implants and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sandra Suchak

I'm very picky about my doctors but can honestly say that Dr. Lerner has earned my trust and respect. He takes the time to evaluate what he believes needs to be done to maintain good dental health, discusses with you a plan and answers all of your questions and concerns. I recommend Dr. Lerner and his staff at Summerhill Dental Excellence without hesitation.

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Are You a Good SureSmile Candidate?

Exploring Clear Aligners Candidacy

Most patients with mild to moderate misalignment make good SureSmile candidates. During your consultation at our East Brunswick practice, Dr. Lerner will review your oral health and cosmetic goals to determine your candidacy.


You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours daily to achieve your desired results. Good SureSmile candidates are committed to following Dr. Lerner's wear instructions.

Good Oral Health

Patients must be in good oral health before undergoing treatment. Issues like tooth decay or gum disease need to be treated before wearing your aligners.

Good Dental Hygiene

Patients should practice good dental hygiene habits before starting treatment. Teeth and gums should be kept clean to prevent residual food particles from sitting on your teeth while wearing your aligners.

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What To Expect

During Your Clear Aligner Treatment

SureSmile clear aligners can transform your smile in just six months.



You will first come to our East Brunswick office to have a consultation with Dr. Lerner. He will review your oral health and goals to create a SureSmile treatment plan suited to meet your needs.



We use digital impressions to create your clear aligner treatment plan. These scans are more comfortable and more detailed than traditional putty impressions.



Your digital impressions will be sent to a SureSmile lab, which will design and fabricate your aligners. Each aligner will be made to perfectly fit your teeth and gradually shift them into alignment over the course of two weeks.



Once your aligners are made, you will come back to our East Brunswick office to pick up your custom trays and go over your treatment timeline with Dr. Lerner. 



You will return to our practice each month so Dr. Lerner can ensure your clear aligners are properly moving your teeth. While your clear aligners are removable, each set should be worn for two weeks and at least 22 hours a day.

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Caring for Your Clear Aligners

How To Ensure Your Teeth and Gums Stay Healthy

Follow Dr. Lerner's care instructions to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy smile at the end of treatment.

Clear Aligners in East Brunswick

Clean Your Aligners

Clean your aligners by using a denture or retainer cleaner. Do not use a toothbrush and toothpaste, as this can scratch and cloud your aligners, making them more visible when worn.

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Keep Aligners Safe

One of the benefits of SureSmile is that unlike the brackets and wires of braces, your trays are removable. Be sure to keep them in a safe place where they cannot be lost or damaged when they are removed.

Clear AlignersEast Brunswick

Brush and Floss

Be sure to continue to brush twice daily and floss once daily to remove residual food and drink particles and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Clear Aligners in East Brunswick

Contact Our Office

Contact our East Brunswick practice if your aligners have been lost or damaged. Dr. Lerner can advise you on the next steps to best maintain your treatment timeline.

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Maintain a Straight, Healthy Smile

SureSmile Creates Lasting Results

With proper care and oral hygiene, your SureSmile results will last a lifetime. After treatment, Dr. Lerner will fit you with a customized retainer to ensure your teeth remain in their new position and your smile stays healthy.

“Dr. Lerner and his entire team truly exceeded my expectations.”

Summerhill Dental Excellence | Veneers, Clear Aligners and Dentures

Leonid Geller

Dr Lerner and his entire team truly exceeded my expectations. Whether you go for a routine check such as dental hygiene appointment, or complex work to install a crown, Dr Lerner will solve your dental needs in the best way possible. Where he truly shines, is the art of creating veneers that will give you a perfect 10 smile! Judging by my own experience, the finished product will look and feel natural in shape and color. Thank you Dr Lerner, your efforts have resulted in a truly positive impact on my quality of life!

Summerhill Dental Excellence | Veneers, Dental Implants and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Catherine Francis

I have been a patient of Dr. Roger Lerner for many years. The care provided by Dr. Lerner and the staff at Summerhill Dental Excellence is exceptional. Recently I had veneers put on some of my teeth. The results are amazing! I am smiling with confidence! I would highly recommend Dr. Roger Lerner and Summerhill Dental Excellence to anyone considering this procedure.

Cosmetic Dental Office East Brunswick
Cosmetic Dental Office East Brunswick

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